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So, this is my mind map that I’ve done during Teacher Mira, Teacher Aiman, and Teacher Solah class.

This is so interesting, I love it so well.  Its just so interesting.  So basically, my idea will be; writing a letter to my friend, Kim Jun Su from South Korea.  Nice right? I will write my letter soon and update here, okay? See you soon. 🙂

Reflection 11~

Friday has come!!!! I’m scared, afraid, nervous.  Today is the day for us to present our video.  We knew our video very very amateur but we proud of it, because it was our own video.  We used all our efforts, hard works, sweats and tears just to make the video publish.  And Friday was the day of judgement.  And I’m nervous. 😦

Class started at 9am and Dr. Rosseni discussed about past year questions first.  She gave a lot of explanation and I love it.  Then, at 10am, Mr. Helmi came in and I knew it the presentation will start in any second.  As the first group (we want to be the first want because we knew other groups are better), we were quite nervous.  And the video played.  Well, as we were expected, we received a lot of comments and we were asked to improve our video.  Hurm, I was thinking.  The video was our effort, something that we tried so hard.  I guess the video was quite okay for beginners like us.  As I always said, we were not good in technologies, and I put my faith to the video.  Its okay, we can improve it as we had been asked to.  But, we felt a little bit hurt when some of our friends underestimate us.  They showed uneasy faces when they had been asked to teach us to make a better video.  Its like burden for them.  Its okay, we can do it by ourselves.  We can figure out by our own.  I believe in rainbow after storm.

So went back to college and turn on laptop.  Still, I was incharge in compile all the photos and videos to our own video.  At first, we have done it for the first part but too bad Windows Movie Maker hang and we need to do it again.  We need to start all over again and we did it.  For the last part, when it times to insert audio, Windows Movie Maker hang again.  Urgh, I started to stress.  Almost scream actually and I admit that I cry.  I need to start it all over again because all the materials were missing.  This time, I used my own laptop (last two times, I used Zulaika’s laptop).  And this time, everything run so well.  Happy tears.  We edited a little bit but since we were having the technical problem, we spent 9 hours to finalize our video.  Starting from 2pm to 11 pm.  Yes, our effort.  We need to present again this Friday, let see what will people comments about it.  If we still received bad comments, I’m sure I will cry.  I upload the video to youtube and here the link :

So, what do you think? 😉

Reflection 10~

Hello! We meet again. I think my reflection is quite simple today.  I’m going to write about our production.  Yes, I want to share stories behind the scene.  Me and my group members, Farhana, Zulaika and Mira Mumtaz had spend three days to make our own video.  Yes, believe me, we spend three days, not counting the days when we went to our chosen places.  We had spend our times, effort and money. 😀

For the first day, Mira came to our colleges from her college.  KKM to KPZ is quite far, we need to change bus.  she came on Thursday and stayed at Zulaika’s room.  We spend all nights together. 😉 It was fun having friends and do assignments together.  As for the first day, we collected all the photos and video that we had been taken.  Putrajaya, KLCC and Zoo Negara.  There were a lot of photos and videos and it was not easy to compile them.  All of the photos are important and have its own aesthetic value.  We spend few hours in choosing pictures and video while laughing and make jokes.  Ouh, what a wonderful moments. 🙂  On the meantime, Zulaika was focus drawing our storyboard.  Storyboard is important to give direction for our video.  Once we have finished, we were so tired.  My eyes were in pain.  But still, we felt glad because we already chose our pictures.  Our chosen pics are : (some of it)

For second day, we were more relax this time.  We already divided individual tasks.  Mira were in charge of cutting videos and chose the best part of the video.  Zulaika needs to edit photos, our photos and other photos.  Farhana were in charge of collecting tourism video in Internet as our revision and also audio.  And me? I were incharge of supervise. Hehe. Its good to be director. 🙂

And day three (our last day), its the  climax of our video process.  Its my tasks to compile all the chosen photos, videos and make it as a video. We decide to use Windows Movie Maker because it seems easier.  I tried my best to compile all the photos and video following our storyboard.  And insert our chosen audio.  Once it finished, its the time for us to publish.  But as expected, Windows Movie Maker hang, we almost lost our videos. T.T Miracle happened, our video still there, and on the 2nd publish it, the video were okay.  Its done! Yay.  We were so happy, Mira cried too. Haha.  Yea, its stressful. On that evening, we send Mira to her college.  Since there were no bus on that day, we need to take bus to KTM first. Long journey but we were happy.  Heeee~

Here is the link of our video :

Reflection 9~

The day has come!!! The day for us, group members to discover our tourism places. Lets spend time and money together. >.<

We dont have much money to go all the places, of course.  So we divide into 2 groups.  One group went to Zoo Negara and another group went to KLCC includes Petrosains and Aquaria.  So, 1st group belongs to Farhana, Zulaika and myself went to Zoo Negara.  Thanks to my Incik Faiz for generously becomes our driver of the day.  Another group belongs to Farhana, Zulaika and Mira.  They went to KLCC with their drivers, Ijat and Din (thank guys) and as soloist I went to Putrajaya.  I want to share story about National Zoo first.   It was great day.

We arrived at Zoo Negara around 10 am, the place was already crowded with tourists and families.  After we bought ticket that cost us RM 25 each with Mykad, we hurry to the main entrance.  And yeah, we already inside the Zoo Negara.  Our first destination was elephant!  2 big elephants were there and they were so cute.  Super duper cute.

Our focus on that day was to snap and record animals, main features of Zoo Negara and families/tourists.  We had a big mission there.  But of course, we were human, we always lost in track.  Zoo Negara is a special place.  Its beautiful, serene, peaceful and wonderful.  Wild animals and people just like friends.  We saw a lot of families there.  Parents bring their children to the Zoo Negara to spend their times together.  I love looking at the families, it reminds me of my families.  Miss u Abah, Mak. T.T  Okay, so there were so many animals (back to the topic).  Wild animals such as elephants, giraffe, tiger, lion, zebra, rhinoceros, hyppopotamus, snake, wolf, bear, Orang-utan and a lot more.  There are also birds (collection of all the species), butterfly and all insects.  Also amphibian world like frogs and turtle.  And there are also children section where they show tame animals such as poney who names as Wicked and Alfred, ferret, goats, chicken and lots more.  People enjoyed being there.

Our day at Zoo Negara ended at 4.30 pm since Zoo Negara will be closed at 5pm.  We had enjoyed our day at Zoo Negara, spending our times together as friends, makes our friendship grew stronger.  For my opinion, Zoo Negara is the best place for people to release their tension and be closer to nature.  and of course we can strenghten our relationship with families, friends and even our love ones. ❤

And for the next next weeks, we went to our next destination.  Farhana, Zulaika and Mira went to KLCC where they will snap beautiful photos around KLCC Park, Petrosains and Aquaria.  I bet they had a fun and good time there.  I wish I can join them too T.T   But of course I cant because on the same day, I need to go to Putrajaya again for our project.   Its okay, I knew they will do their best. They had showed me their photos there, wonderful!

And me, went to Putrajaya.  My main focus were two places, Botanical Garden and Putrajaya Cruise.  Botanical Garden is a beautiful place.  I wish I can bring my parents there because both of them love nature.  Since I was a bit early, there were still no one there even the bike section still not open for public.  But I can saw one family heading to the lake, they were having family picnic. So sweet! Thats what I mean, having a great family time outdoor without costing a lot of money.  I envy them.  And of course, I record their photo too but I cant upload here, dont know why.  But its okay, I can put it in our video.  And next, I went to Cruise Putrajaya.  Again, Cruise still not open to public, only small boat.  I just record and snap the photo.  But it was fun, because I met a family from northern Malaysia and they were fascinated with the cruise.  They bought ticket of course.  I enjoyed saw family having their good time with family members.  🙂

I enjoyed my day.  And I really wish I can take my parents to have dinner cruise, visited Zoo Negara, picnicking at Botanical Garden, and have a great time at Aquaria and Petrosains especially when I already have 2 nephews and a niece.    I wish that day will come. 🙂 Enjoy yourself with family, thats the true happiness in life. ❤

Reflection 8~

Sunday. Yes, and we had last workshop with Mr. Helmi. Yayyyy! But inside my heart, OMG, what will happen in this class next? Stress already, haha.


Today, the class started with Mr. Helmi’s explanation of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (I knew it, its hard).  Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is a real-time video editing software wrapped around the timeline concept, designed to simplify the video production process.  Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 owns the capability to edit video in resolutions up to 10,240 x 8,192 and includes a plugin system that makes it possible to import or export a wide array of media formats.  All of these, together with the 3D editing features gained itself a decent reputation among a wide crowd, from beginners to the sharks in the film industry.

Wow! Sound interesting right? If only I can conquer the skills of using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, I bet my group’s video will be the best ever. Well, only in my imagination.  But again, I’m not good in technology so I cant digest well.  But I will try my best to create a good video, with my own effort from A to Z and not download from Internet. I swear!

After Mr. Helmi brief and showed Adobe Premier Pro CS4, he recap yesterday’s lesson.  He taught Adobe Photoshop but this time more skills and more applications need to be used.  As always, image, adjustment, text, dialog, filter, layer and some more were been taught.  Difficult and tired, yes! (will update photo soon)

The last part of the workshop was Adobe Soundbooth.  This time, Mr. Helmi record his own voice and taught us how to make the voice clear and not mix up with other audio.  I still do not know how to use Adobe Soundbooth so I was blur but I will try to learn it day by day. Hopefully! :p  Then, we were given time to do our own group activity.  At this time, me with my group members, Farhana, Zulaika and Mira discussed about our future video.  Our objectives, storyboard, places and lot more.  We also divided our jobs and yeah, we love it.

Actually, I love this class.  However, I always feel lost because I’m not good in technologies and I am a bit slow in catch up the lessons.  My group members are just like me, we lost together and all of us slow when it comes to technologies.  I wish world will be more fair to us, we have no one to hold on to.  But I know, we will try our best to do the best.  For my beloved group members, I love you all because you are always stay for each other.  No matter how hard rain is, we believe that the rainbow is always waiting for us. Love you all.



Reflection 7~

Hello world! Good morning! Saturday has came, means the workshop has came too. Tired. Yeah, because yesterday was our trip to Putrajaya.  Still in sleepy mood but still I’m excited for this workshop so I’m wishing us ‘Have a Nice Day”.

I came a bit late to the class since I need to walk from college, yes, no bus on Saturday and Sunday.  As I arrived, the workshop has already started.  A lot of teachers were there.  Dr. Rosseni, Mdm. Hazrati, Mr. Helmi, Mr. Yusuf and even Mr. Faisal.  Since I’m a bit late so I’m kinda lost in the first part of the workshop especially when my computer in the lab was malfunction.  I’m almost surrender untill one of the teachers came and helped me with the computer and the lesson.

So, on that day, we were learned some skills in using Adobe Photoshop.  The workshop was conducted by Mr. Faisal.  He taught us step by step in editing photo using Adobe Photoshop.  I had used Adobe Photoshop before but it was very complicated, and I really hate when it comes to something complicated and difficult, so I surrender.  But that day, I felt stress because I need to edit photos using Adobe Photoshop. T.T

As the first step, Mr. Faisal taught us to cut any subject from one photo (as in my case, I chose one penguin from three penguins) and copy it to another space (I’m not sure its real name).  Then we need to erase some parts that not used in the pictures, make it clear and perfect.  Then put some blur effect and finally we chose the background.  The most important part in editing photo using Adobe Photoshop is layer.  If we chose the wrong layer, our photos wont be beautiful as the way we hope for.  Then we were given times to finish our first edited photos.  Here is mine :

Cute right? 🙂 My penguin lost in Tulips Garden.  I am choosing this background because this picture is actually mean something for me.  Sometimes I am the penguin.  I always lost.  Not lost in mall or street, but lost in my journey of this life.  Sometimes I’m lost between my group of friends and I guess 80% of us had face the same situation right?  And it makes wondering, what is friends for? Okay, I already out of track.  Back to business.  I felt proud with my edited photo.  I really really love it no matter if people thought its very amateur or what, I dont care because I love it.  Of course it was amateur because it was my 1st ever edited photo using Adobe Photoshop.

While editing photo, Dr. Rosseni also asked us to edit our own banner to use in our blog as our header.  Yes, stress again.  During the meantime, we also had been given breakfast! Yummy! Kueh with hot tea.  I love hot tea, addicted to it actually.  Hot tea make me fresh and healthy. 🙂  So we went out to have our breakfast and went to the lab again to finish editing our banner.  And the result (as you can see my header 😉 ):

Again, I love my banner! Haha. Everyone will love their own banner.  But mine was special because it koala, an unique animal, not so many now in this world.  Something special, thats what I try to say in my banner.  Something special and difficult to find. Yes, I am sentimental person, always see underlying meaning in everything. 😉 Once the banner has done, the workshop with Mr. Faisal also done and be replaced by Mr. Helmi.

Mr. Helmi’s workshop was Post-production phase so he taught us about skills in video transfer, video editing, audio editing and finalizing our video.  As for video transfer, there are three types of video tranfer depending on the type of video camera :

  • Hard disc transfer
  • Mini disc transfer
  • Tape (miniDV) transfer

In video editing, there are three softwares that we can use :

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Adobe Premier
  • Final Cut Pro
Compare to all threes, I think the most easier to use is Windows Movie Maker :p  What we going to do in video editing? The answer is :
  • Arrange, change, add, cut and remove video clips
  • Video effects on a video clip
  • Video transitions between video clips
Once we have done with editing video, we need to think about the audio.  Our audio must be suitable with our video so that we can convey the emotions of the video.  There are few types of audio that we can use in our video :
  • Voice
  • Music – to create mood, to control audience emotion
  • Sound effects – used for impact (Audio usage)
Then, for the final part was finalizing our video.  As for PC, we have .avi, .mov, .wmv, .Internet – .mp4, .flv, DVD – .dob, Mobile device – .3gp, m4v.  After he had done with his lecture, he showed us Adobe Soundbooth cs4.  Adobe Soundbooth CS4 is a software to edit sound.  Using this software, we can upload our audio and edit it.  We can cut our audio, change the note, and do a lot more with it.  Sound easy right but for me, it was the most difficult part ever. EVER!  Here is printscreen of Adobe Soundbooth CS4 (credit to Pei Si) :
And then, for the final lesson, he taught us how to use Windows Movie Maker.  Yes, its the most easiest but it still difficult for me.  Told you, I’m not good in technology.  I even do not know how to use some functions in Microsoft Word, so you people can imagine now how bad am I when it comes to technology?  Never mind then, so he taught us how to put effects, transitions, audio, subtitle, title and credit to our videos using Movie Maker.  >.<
Then, finally, our workshop for Saturday has finally over!   There were a LOTTTT of things that I have learned that day, and it was difficult too.  But its okay, rainbow will come forward.  Lets enjoy first for now! Yipeeeeee!




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